New Roxio 4 Software

Big changes include a new user interface, built-in tutorials, multiple burner support, subtitle suport, and hardware-assisted video encoding. As in the past, Toast includes a bunch of additional apps: The Streamer app is no longer included, however. I got a chance to play with a pre-release version of the software, and here are some of the cool new features and how they work. Installing and updating The first change longterm users of the software will notice takes place very early on.

While not a big deal in itself, it does signal an important change to the way Roxio handles the various apps in the Toast package. A new installer signals a shift in the way the software handles installation and updates. With Toast 11, that pain is a thing of the past.

What that means is no more logins and downloading huge disc images to make sure your apps are up to date. The best Bluetooth speakers ] The new UI makes it easier to choose a category, incorporates the Media Browser, and adds useful burning settings to the main window.

Even after that, though, there are general improvements to how you find your way around the software. Activities are still grouped into the same five categories Data, Audio, Video, Copy, and Convert , but previously they were listed by icon only until you clicked on one. Now, you can clearly see the names of all the categories.

And instead of being smashed into one corner of the UI, the categories are displayed as tabs that run across the width of the content window. The Assistant window can show you common projects for a category, or all the available options.

And there are other small but useful changes. You can choose a burner and its settings, as well as the number of copies you want to burn, directly from the main window. And you can now view the Media Browser as a separate floating palette as before or integrated into the main UI.

You might even notice that Toast icon now has a disc and an iPhone coming out the toaster rather than two discs—a nod to the waning importance of physical media for many users these days. You can also have Toast publish directly to online services and even tweet the link to the video—I added a p video shot with my iPhone into Toast, trimmed it, and uploaded it directly to my Vimeo account.

Roxio says it plans to bump the data rates up in an update. At the same time, you can now create custom video profiles, tweaked from one of the built-in presets. This could be useful if you want to convert video that will look good on all your particular Apple devices, say.

The VideoBoost feature can speed up H. Like iTunes, it lets you add as many tracks as you want for burning and breaks them into the number of CDs needed to do so. Unlike iTunes, however, you can determine which tracks go on which CDs, as well as apply Audio Units filters to your tracks.

You can now record audio from any individual app on your Mac, in addition to the ability to record line input of tapes or LPs. Spin Doctor captures audio at 20MB per minute bit stereo at I was able to capture the audio coming from several apps, but when I tried to capture music that was streaming in Safari from my Napster account, the app caught only silence.

I tested it out with part of a Weezer song I recorded from Safari, and it was able to identify the artist, album, and song. Another time the app crashed when trying to end a recording of a song playing in iTunes. Roxio expects to fix several issues in an upcoming update to the software. All upgrades take advantage of instant discounts no rebates involved.

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Looking for Roxio Creator NXT 4?

Dec 11, - Previous versions of Roxio or Sonic branded software that are not listed by Roxio for any errors from installing non-compatible software onto Windows 7. New Customers can get the latest software at the Roxio eStore or. Get everything you need to make the most of your photos, videos and music-and enjoy them on the latest devices-with new Roxio Creator NXT 4. Edit and. Roxio Toast is an optical disc authoring and media conversion software application for Mac OS X. Its name is a play on the word burn, a term used for the writing.

New Roxio 4 Software

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