Can I buy CA Erwin Process Modeler permanently?

Enter the name you want to give the model on the General tab. With the erwin EDGE and its integrated capabilities, every enterprise stakeholder can discover, understand, govern and socialize data assets to realize the desired results and mitigate data-related risks. Attributes and Columns After you have discovered the people, places, and events that define the entities in your model, you can begin to define the attributes for each entity. Identifying Relationship An identifying relationship is represented by a solid line and through it the primary key of the parent migrates to the primary key area of the child entity or table. Click the parent entity and then click the child entity to add a non-identifying relationship between them. To create a new theme 1. When you create a new theme, you can choose to apply it to any diagram by selecting this theme from the Theme Editor when you are working in that diagram.

Can I buy CA Erwin Process Modeler permanently?


CA - Collaborative Model Management with CA Erwin ModelManager

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