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Dion Moult Revit is shit. Revit is a proprietary software developed by the monopoly Autodesk for the AEC industry. I speak from the perspective of an architect working on large commercial projects across different building typologies, and therefore do not use the MEP aspects, which may be better than I have experienced here. I have a background in software development , previously working as a software architect. Software architects deal with many of the same issues as BIM data management. There are ever-changing client requirements, lots of small pieces that interact, and domino effects of changing the design in one area. I have also used a great deal of software on many platforms, including 3D modeling as practiced by the CG industry, point clouds, programmatic typesetting with Lilypond and LaTeX, and am also closely following OpenBIM initiatives. With this background, I hope to present a fair but critical list of issues I have faced with Revit. Revit does not know what a building is Revit has failed to implement even the most basic of BIM concepts: You can categorise walls, floors, roofs … but a building? If you have two buildings next to each other, Revit has no way of saying that some walls belong to building A, and some belong to building B. No way of categorising a shape to represent a building or that some levels are part of building A and some are part of building B. Have a shared site with mix-use buildings where two buildings merge? In contrast, the first thing that you do when you launch FreeCAD to create a BIM project is to define a building with storeys in that building that belong to a site. Will your roofs become IfcRoof, or will Revit decide your roof is a slab instead? Will your windows become IfcWindow? Who knows. Revit does what it wants.

Revit LT or Revit? That is the question

For Autodesk Revit , Autodesk Revit Architecture , Autodesk Revit MEP Autodesk® Revit® software products will use multiple cores for many tasks. May 13, - On April 18, Autodesk published its authoritative article on the system requirements for Revit The list is especially helpful because. Jun 4, - You should learn the different versions of Revit for Revit Architecture to make a fact-based decision on the one that will best meet your. Dec 11, - Revit is a proprietary software package developed by Autodesk, an industry Revit's API under the hood clearly points to it's OO architecture.

Best Revit LT Software


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