Alien Skin Exposure X2 for Compare Prices

What is Alien Skin Exposure X4? Alien Skin Exposure X4 is a powerful Raw editing platform that is replete with useful tools and more than valuable presets. With significant emphasis on file classification and organization, X4 includes features like Smart Collections that help keep your image library orderly.

The strength of this non-destructive editor is its film emulation. If you have reasonable knowledge of—or curiosity about—past emulsions and want to recreate them, this is the place to go.

And it provides an intuitive side-by-side image comparison view that lets you make choices easier than some other systems. Some can do cool things, but either crash or otherwise abuse system resources. In fact, there are a few out there that I never want to install on my Alien Skin Exposure X2 for Compare Prices PC again. That says a lot in my book.

Correct perspective distortion. Buildings everywhere have been falling over backwards for this feature. Okay, weak joke, but you immediately get the drift. When a large object like a building is photographed by a camera that is tilted off vertical access, the image is distorted. Exposure X4 can correct most distortion and includes handy tools that allow you to rescale the image before cropping. Reposition film fog and lighting effect overlays. Adding that fogged-film look to your creation is sometimes fun, and even the older versions of Exposure did it well—but the fog and flare always appeared in the same Alien Skin Exposure X2 for Compare Prices location.

In X4 you can move the blotch around to meet your artistic needs. To indicate which effect is moveable, AS has overlaid the familiar hand icon you can see it in the screen shot above if you Alien Skin Exposure X2 for Compare Prices. Organize image files into Smart Collections. There are only a couple animals that are worse than I am at filing and retrieving images, and one of them is named Zippy the Chimp.

Oh, I have a great system for filing files; finding them again is where I break down. ASX4 can automatically populate folders into Alien Skin Exposure X2 for Compare Prices Collections using data that you specify.

Retrieval becomes a snap. Watermark photos when exporting or printing. Adding a watermark protects your ownership and usage rights. Exposure X4 adds your indicia automatically upon request, including information from image metadata if desired. Render grain differently in shadows, mid-tones, and highlights.

Many plug-ins can simulate grain, but most do it either randomly or equally in all density areas. Alien Skin Exposure can render grain more realistically by altering its appearance in the shadows and the highlights. Not to make excuses for my folly, but like many people I learned the software through trial and error, and stuck with the features I like. This experience has taught me to delve a bit deeper even when I think I already know it all.

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Jul 26, - I have purchased it without any Bonus for the full price at ,-. . I can confirm that Exposure X2 will support the Fujifilm X-Pro 2. on them will be advanced enough to permit shooting raw files, but will do my best and send you samples if possible. Will there be raw support for Fuji X-T2 in Exposure X2?? Sep 20, - Exposure X2 is the follow-up to last year's award-winning Exposure X. It's the next step in creating the best non-destructive RAW editor and. Exposure is the best photo editor for creative photographers who want to create . “Exposure X4 from Alien Skin does everything you'd expect from a high-end.

Alien Skin Exposure X2 for Compare Prices


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