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Here, a spot in the lower right corner of the image is being cleaned up. Filters get smarter With each new version, Photoshop becomes less destructive—it gains new features that enable you to alter images without changing their original pixel data.

In Photoshop CS3, you can, for the first time, apply image filters nondestructively. Select a layer and choose the Filter: Convert For Smart Filters command, and Photoshop converts the layer to a smart object that you can apply filters to.

Better still, you can change filter settings at will, and you can even reorganize the order in which the filters are applied, by changing their position in the Layers panel.

Smart filters provide more imaging flexibility, but with compromises. For example, retouching a smart object requires extra steps if you want to paint, dodge, heal, or erase: In those instances and others you must double-click on the smart object, make changes in a separate window, and then save and close to return to your image. These compromises are understandable from a technical standpoint, but they can discourage experimentation. Selecting and retouching Making detailed selections in an image is often a tendon-taxing experience.

Activate the tool and paint across an image, and Photoshop samples a range of colors or shades and draws a selection where it detects significant differences.

With subtler edges, the selection tends to stray, but you can clean up sloppy selections by pressing the Option key while painting, or by using other Photoshop selection-tweaking techniques, such as the Lasso tool.

Speaking of selections, Adobe has plucked the Feather command from the Select menu. Its successor, Refine Edge, provides a dialog box that lets you feather a selection, as well as expand and contract it in various ways. This is a great enhancement for tweaking selections and layer masks created from them. The Refine Edge command also offers new Radius and Contrast sliders for even more precise control. For serious retouchers, an even better enhancement is the new Clone Source panel. Its Overlay option lets you see a semitransparent, tracing-paper-like version of the source image beneath the brush as you paint, making it easy to precisely position your pixels—no more flying blind as you clone.

Native performance For Mac users, one of the best reasons to upgrade to Photoshop CS3 is that it now runs natively on Intel-based Macs. In Macworld Lab tests performed on a 2. A suite of 16 scripted tasks performed on a 50MB image was completed nearly 39 percent faster. I tested Photoshop CS3 on two machines: Photoshop CS3 was much more responsive on the Intel-based iMac.

For example, the Quick Selection tool provides an Auto Enhance option that fine-tunes a selection when you release the mouse button. On the G5 system, delays of a few seconds were common as Photoshop ruminated. On the iMac, Auto Enhance was far more responsive. In short, owners of Intel-based Macs can finally run Photoshop at full speed—and owners of older Macs may want to start saving up for some new iron.

Line it up Several Photoshop CS3 improvements involve aligning multiple images or multiple image layers. The new Auto-Align Layers command lines up a set of selected layers, moving and scaling the layers as needed. Photoshop CS3 Extended takes image alignment even further by enabling you to align and process multiple images to remove digital noise—and even people. Look for a ScriptingAdditions folder inside the Library folder. Then do one of the following: If the ScriptingAdditions folder exists, then open the ScriptingAdditions folder.

Then open this new ScriptingAdditions folder. Adobe Unit Types. Solution 2: Restore Adobe Unit Types. Do one of the following: Click Install, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Photoshop CS3 Quit all Adobe applications. If you did not keep the disk image file or files after your original installation, then download them again. Sign in at www. Click Install Or Reinstall. If you purchased Photoshop CS3 as a standalone product, then skip to Step 7. Deselect the other applications in this section. Click Next.

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